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London riots: Guerrilla warfare erupts as no one knows where mob will strike next

It was the rush–hour riot. In broad daylight at 5pm, as commuters across London were preparing for their journeys home, violent gangs returned to launch a third night of mayhem on the streets of the capital. 

Parts of London that had been unscathed during the previous two nights of looting and arson were suddenly exposed to the full force of highly mobile mobs of youths intent on battling the police. On high streets across the city shopkeepers and residents prepared themselves for the attacks and attempted to protect their property and themselves.
Sunday night saw the rioting spread for the first time beyond Tottenham, with violence flaring in Edmonton, Enfield and Brixton. But yesterday the violence spread further across the capital.
The third night of rioting began shortly before 5pm in a fashionable quarter of Hackney, east London.
Hundreds of youths smashed shop windows, vandalised a bus and threw bottles and other missiles at lines of police.

Later the police were forced to turn and flee as gangs of youths wearing hoods, masks and balaclavas swarmed up side streets hurling flaming logs, bricks and bottles. Barricading the roads with burning wheelie bins, they armed themselves with shards of glass.
The air filled with towering plumes of black smoke as two cars were set alight on Clarence Road and the ground shook with a loud blast as a petrol tank exploded, shooting out a ball of flame.

Tomado de  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/8690251/London-riots-Guerrilla-warfare-erupts-as-no-one-knows-where-mob-will-strike-next.html

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