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Interview with the Women’s Committee of the TKP/ML TiKKO (guerrilla)

31 julio 2016

Communist Party of Turkey established in the guerrilla areas / Marxist Leninist Workers and Peasants’ Liberation Army of Turkey (TKP / ML TIKKO) is connected to the Women’s Committee, the organization held a discussion on the objectives and work styles. This interview was published as a series of articles in the next 40 and 41 Number of free newspapers.

For the organization of women guerrillas in the area of the original women’s studies why is it necessary?

– According to the social perception “of war, a man hears”. place of women is that very “protected” are believed to house. So the woman, get weapons to fight for the salvation of many “normal” is not met. But it is also a fact; resistance in the persecution of the rebellion are / will be. In fact, history is filled with stories of rebellion and resistance countless women. In our country, women have taken place at various levels for years in this war, they still get in. Women can fight, “power” There are countless examples showing that. That our own history, we know from the history of other organizations providing social and national liberation struggle.In Kobani’nin, the most prominent female guerrilla who fought in Sengal, when it is the most beautiful example of the close. Fives is the closest example of this.

Yesterday our priorities in order to understand the present, to know our history well, you need to resolve it. What was the role of women in the last war?Today should be what and how? The answers to these questions will determine what our orientation we will also. To circumvent the obstacles in front of us we are learning from this orientation is primarily positive and negative aspects of our history.

We weave our struggle on the past experience in guerrilla areas of study, albeit fragmented today. We are in an area where most manufactured masculinity. And men are carrying more than the reflection of the dominant ideology.

Our policy for the organization of men and women naturally not at the same level. In this unequal struggle we started we definitely need the original policy. Five is to accumulate the experience they create value, our greatest heritage. They also take the responsibility of women in this field they might, sir, they will be political commissars, önderleş they might, in short, they left us the legacy they will be the subjects of war.

They were unable to fill the vacant places quickly, but perhaps our direction forward, face our organization, this time as long as the public faces we believe that not too long. The most concrete indication that the organization forward in the practical steps we have taken are steps we take Umeda komiteleş.

“Women’s Committee is the product of a need“

Why a women’s committee was needed in the area?

– Especially in the winter camp began late last year as the first woman to the original work. And the practical steps we took certain level. Society’s role imposed us for years, changing the format that has been in existence in the organization we showed what our orientation.

First and foremost, we should start from ourselves. And we have devoted ourselves to ourselves. By analyzing how we carry the traditional role of women in practice, we ponder how we will overcome.

We know that our hard work. Because there is also not so easy to be in an organization that we need to reach women and forcing command, management, policy areas such as power generation are men. A word, our struggle and our enemies outside, and male domination of our organization, as well as progress against our traditional female roles within ourselves.

TKP / ML TIKKO Women’s Committee has come up as a product of these needs. Our committee TIKKO of women comrades, mainly to ensure the internal organization as responsible for the ideological and political development. Raising awareness of women in the region, we conducted the war, to carry out active work to join the organization and to the war.

We located the female and male comrades do not start with this war on equal terms. Naturally not be equal in our evolution. According to them until the same level as their male comrades to overcome more obstacles, we çıkarabilme open our own strength, we have to ourselves that we can absolutely rely more challenging. “We’re the same, equal” do not accept the concept. So the original policy, we need the original organization.

So far, inadequate though we had just begun a certain level of practical reflection of our original work. We have different points separate our squad, separate our meeting, to be our own habitat, that our word to say about our lives, has brought us to achieve a certain power within the organization.

Our goal of our study, practice our organization to meet our policy … But first of all committee is an important step towards the institutionalization of the work we’re doing in guerrilla areas.

“We start by questioning the social shaping“

What kind of work do you carry?

– First, we need to specify that as being ready for anything we do not have a prescription for this study. And all TIKKO, going out to fight in the war, we begin to solve our problems by entering more into the fight in the war as women.

And problems of women in the war not only start guerrillas. position in the social shaping of each comrade who attended the guerrillas and principles in our work we start the questioning of the social shaping. So this is a process; problems is the way to see the contradictions.

Men dominant ideology in education, we are committed within the scope of the course is the subject of analysis is the case. For example; We discussed on gender roles “subject, dependency, low self-esteem, sensuality” and so on. Analysis is done by giving practical examples from their own comrades in the title of each. But of course, not enough to see the problems and contradictions, you need to turn step by step to solve these problems.

For example, in a companion speaking, if you are having trouble finding the reasons why we are driven primarily self-expression. And as a practical step that Comrade necessarily get put into question at every meeting. We make in this overall process including the original women’s training, men are processing the agenda identified with specific training and joint training.

Both women to express themselves to be original training of both male comrades, it is important in terms of opening. And again we have received an oral report also separate women is a step towards the vision of specificity.

Men are “losing their” women “will win“

Do you have any work among male comrades?

– Does it include training male comrades. There is also a separate importance of the work we do among male comrades. Original work is being done for the first time in our organization we do every week to our knowledge male comrades. And certain inefficiencies that come with being the first to be seen that although significant experience and knowledge ever created …

Men comrades in addressing problems as they see them in their exterior, they are much more timid opening. Because of concerns differ, the self-questioning to go on, it’s very difficult in terms of male comrades. When we consider both work with the conclusion would not be too extravagant.

Men comrades themselves questioning the “lost their” open for things they thought, at first, did not want to disclose too much. However, women comrades to believe them when they yönelirken necessity “will win” anything can be open more than men because they think of.

This is undoubtedly a result of the social shaping. Men comrades are afraid they will lose their masculinity by having taught them something back for years. The beginning of this work and in addressing its comrades in the end, we can talk about a certain change in self-disclosure.

The decision taken by the Regional Command out of it; In every meeting “approach to female comrade” The problem is that the agenda be discussed more gündemleştirilip, remains an important place in terms of deepening.

What are your objectives in the military field?

– War “men’s work” We emphasize that the continued perception. And our view is the need to first break point here. How do we break it? The prominence of women comrades, we can break with the subject. So in action, exploration, etc,

The prominence of women comrades, to take responsibility, in military activities “visible” may be, we can say that our primary objective in this respect. Have at least one female comrades in each group for this action is a step we take in practice.

komutanlaş of female comrades in order that our goal in advance. Because of the subjectivity of female comrades in the army, önderleş will be ensured that in a practical sense. Of course there are certain problems experienced in this matter. First you need to address the misconception in the approach of his fellow men. Since the male comrades, we are talking about psychological violence also broke his female companion responsibility initiatives, ignoring them, constantly “suggestions” are plunged off an open manner. There are already concerns that deepening these women comrades in naturalness.Initiative assumption already experiencing the problem that, when broken even taking the initiative to put a difficult state. Instructions to “listen to” because he wanted quite an effort instructions while shyness etc. open turns and so on. And all of them are insecure-league, “Can I?” Deepening concern the woman in his comrades. As a result, no subject is off problems like a step back in responsibility.

Our goal as we say, women stand out in army comrades, to take responsibility, “it appears” is possible. As long as this war, but also “women’s work” will be. We turn to male-dominated approach to the organization and as mentioned in other question for this; on the other hand we are talking about women’s work in order to destroy the concerns of his comrades are doing analysis.

The far side of a missing woman’s companion to stay in order to take responsibility for the organization is to have implemented a specific policy for subjectivity. In this sense we are taking a step / we take.

Our goal in the long term in the sum total of all the “Women Ordulaş to” be able to create. Each step will constitute the core of it at the moment. We are moving to this awareness. And that’s what we are trying to create.

“Women ordulaş be” both women to express themselves, both in terms of being a space of their own stands in a prominent place in terms of being a liberation army of the working women. And at last / at every step we serve it / will be.

What are the problems faced by women lead component in the guerrilla comrades?

– One of the problems faced by women guerrilla comrades in our unity we are discussing is the psychological violence in the past year. Psychological violence, our organization plans to keep the second female comrades do not want to do business with, thoughts disregard, ignore, bringing constant criticism, to decide on its behalf, to interfere with the clothes and so on. It becomes clear in the figures. These, I must say that before much more rude way open while training with the original format changed slightly. The solution brought the issue of male comrades “to avoid problems” in order to avoid confrontation with the female comrades (!) this “solution”, it creates a situation in illusionary comrades. Because the important thing, it is still maintaining its presence on the ground. These we have to explain a few examples; female comrades while a job “you’re not organized,” said a man against his fellow comrades working to dominate women’s self-retraction; its more insecure in the face of women comrades openly to bring constant criticism; Emptying the female companion of a work-related initiative that organizations consistently suggest bringing gold; when it will go on a mission when he mentioned the idea of female comrade “I think that you’re not forced, as if I did, I think it gets better” and so on. It becomes clear practical approach to such thinking instead.

One of the problems is often disbelief. It varies in shape format release. confidence that it can discuss a topic, you can do a job, lack of confidence that he could make an organization, that will represent the organization insecurity … we will give you an example; One of his fellow governing meeting in a meeting the other men and women. Women told to enter and immediately said through a continuous complete concerns comrades said Comrade cases revealed understanding whether roundup about the discussions as soon male comrades at the thought he left his missing certain things, feel the need to talk, even again. Another issues is the insecurity of women comrades. This issue is one of the roles that women have been taught for thousands of years.And the organization does not change easily from the ranks, taking shape according to the battlefield. to see a business in itself the will to make alone, it is appropriate for a task considered even himself proposed Rather than that seen from the outside could do the work organization to wait, in advance of taking such a meeting live a long hesitant-like memories and promise, although some may he overcome instability “nothing wrong with it Is I say “to talk about any subject with concern … the enemy” can not do the correct analysis “on military issues with a lot of thought, it is released in the form of refusal.

Another issue UmAdIr see the theory and policy in the field of female companions. This perspective is reflected in mAlArA surely relate. and discuss issues with women from military-political comrades jokes rather ordinary, everyday chat-style head-winning content can be developed to handlerelationships.Even if a specific share on military-political issues of mutual discussion with female companions, mutually going to approach a teacher with style rather than constantly try to learn the case of men.

We can count them as most exposed problems in this process.

What do you do about the solution of this problem?

– That we do to solve the problem it is the most important thing and we have taken the first step in education issues. The first training at a later point of self-knowledge, awareness-raising, male-dominated ideology find their reflection in the changing point in us and allows us to ourselves towards the exits.We stuck alone when dealing with our education theory. Our own practice, we tend to question our perspective, we deepen sorguladık on, we feel the urgency of the changes deepens. In particular, we need to emphasize the importance of the unique training style. Women comrades in their training us in his reflections in this ideology çıkartıyoruz open.

as we discuss the issue of the men’s facade even more trying to debate our own side. We know ourselves better in the analysis. But we take care to debate the issue of a single woman from the front. Because of this issue so we need even more male comrades in our training needs. That’s why men are doing the original work. Likewise, it recognizes the work they are trying to uncover issues for current and male roles have been taught. for us, this work is a serious progress on the prior period.

Do you see life in the provision of such practical training?

– Of course, we’re still not where we want to be. And not content with our progress, we are in this state, but we see that. Our first female companion after Five is now in command, commission and taking management position. A village meeting or in the \ P is taking responsibility for our women comrades in the activities. Prior to that more action in the women’s comrades stood behind the defense, in places such as coordinating tasks are taking part in the attack, while now more groups. Or, as well as training activities for the development of awareness of the psychological violence issues much discussed in recent years can go sanctions in such cases in our organization … we live in opening an investigation by the Women’s Committee of psychological violence Examples are given punishment. The aim here is the transformation of education in our organization’s affairs and psychological violence is going to be seen the devastation of us.

Made one organizational meeting is also going to approach the issue of female companions, as we said before. Gündemleştiriliy ideology in the context of a male-dominated group of female companions are not. practical steps that improve us as standing in place for resolving these problems. if the organizations themselves as well as the lives of all women comrades also have to mention. This is an important issue for us. Women’s power as a solution to the war head yoruş herself or other women companions in that vision as a whole unleash their potential is important to stand on their own feet.

Finally, do you have anything you want to say to women?

– Strengthen the system of exploitation and oppression network every day, is working to deepen. the head of fascism on our people literally “sword of Damocles” like a shaken it from side to side. And with each death staged out of this rebellion, with arrests, violence is to find answers. Democracy is fascist rhetoric and practice go horse head. If it says how much democracy languages, hands ache so much blood. Women are the most happening area that suffered. This is not a coincidence!

Women’s awakening is a threat to the ruling. This is why even imprisoned, are encompassed by four years of patriarchy our borders. And by the end of the stick in any behavior that pushes the limit. Violence, abuse, living in fear of rape “our destiny,” it said. If it sounds when we pulled rulers, “Attach electronic handcuffs,” he says, “go to the police, there are laws,” he says, “three children,” he says! What does the law; kills us, beating the koruyor, it is encouraging. Act itself is killing us!

So are all the rhetoric they have developed reflexes against bells. And all the rhetoric is just a lie! Women will respond to armed this lie! Here is the foundation of our committee is calling it. The liberation of women will be war! Our party TKP / ML and fought under the leadership of TIKKO emphasize once again that this candidate. And the TKP / ML TIKKO Women’s Committee, to fight against the ruling system, men women per weapon, for the sake of the Democratic People’s Revolution will be our salvation TKP / ML TIKKO is to take part in the ranks!

Violence is not the remedy for electronic handcuffs!

Police remedy against patriarchy death is not the law!

Our salvation in our own hands! And our party TKP / ML liberation would lead to women being screamed! Women lies, oppression, exploitation, to frustrate, to ask for the hundreds of women responding to the call of the account as Özgecan our Women’s Committee should take place at the beginning of their weapons!

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